Bioshock 2

is there any one that is heading out to get this, they have relaxed the DRM a little, I'll get it next month
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  1. I'm waiting until Steam or a store, like Target, has a special. I remember I purchased Bioshock about two years ago for the PC at Target because it was on sale for $20 (down from $50).

    I'll do the same with this.
  2. I'll pass. Got Bioshock 1 but didn't play it that much.
  3. Had it on pre-order for £10 below list price, so it arrived in the post a few days ago. Not had much time to play it yet, but it's pretty much a slightly better looking Bioshock 1 - which is perfect as that's what I was hoping for.

    If you liked Bioshock 1, get it and love it. If you didn't like Bio 1 then I'd vote skip it.
  4. I got BioShoch2 yesterday and I am disappoimnted in the game - COMPLETELY, your stuck in that stupid suit, limited vision and not able to move very fast, you can put 30 .50cal rounds in someone and they are running arround still, as far as I am concerned it's a thumbs down game
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