Hey people i have a issue with my Computer @ Counter strike 1.6

Hey people i have issue with my computer running in cs 1.6

It runs the game perfectly besides
when you are gaming counter strike pro like me, your computer must run 5 smoke grenades without any form of lag but mine does.

Specs: CPU E8400 @ 3.0 Ghz
Gfx : 9500GT
OS : Xp 32bit
Ram 4gb @ 3.18
Mobo : atx-mini

Ask for more.
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  1. 9500GT is a weak graphics card.

    I assume when you say Ram 4gb @ 3.18 you mean 3.18Gb are read by windows, not the voltages :O

    I would get a better GFX card. A GTS250 or a Radeon 4870 or even a Radeon 5770 or Radeon 5750. Anything really! 9500GT is lacking in stream processors, and overall grunt.
  2. Doubt it would be the gfx - CS1.6 is based on the original half-life engine - that gfx card wasn't even dreamt of as possible back in '99-02...

    I would guess that you are hitting some kind of limitation of the engine with 5 smoke grenades - unless loads of other people can manage okay with 5 on their rigs. I might boot my copy of 1.6 up tonight and have a go myself - I've been CS:S only since I installed the Mani mod on my server...
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