Problem with Gta IV, it doesn't start...

hi everybody,

i'll go right to the point, when i start the game (GTA IV), the first screen apears but it stop there, it doesn't change, then the message of "searcha solution online and close the program" or just "close the program" (i have windows seven). I also have problems with other games, like low fps or slow gaming...

i have a:
Phenom x4 945
Mother Gigabyte Ma785gpmt-ud2h
OCZ gold edition 2gb (x2)
Power suply Vitsuba san-70.s
Mi HDD is 6 years old (western digital, i don't remember the model name...)

i realy don't know which is the problem, and i'm realy desesperate...

Thanks for reading...
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  1. Make sure ALL drivers are up to date and test RAM maybe (just as a precaution)
  2. yes, driver are updated... and i tried getting out one ram stick and then the other...

    I think it's the HDD, but i'm not sure, it's quite strange...
  3. what os?
  4. Seven (x86)
  5. Everything else is brand new, so it definitely could be your hdd
  6. OK, how do i test the HDD? i want to be sure before i buy one...
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