God of War Collection on PS3 Slim

Will it work? The first 2 God of War titles were exclusive to the PS2, and I read that the PS3 Slim (120GB HD) is not backwards compatible with PS2 games. I'm buying a Slim shortly, partly due to God of War III coming out soon, but I'd like to play the first 2 games first. I do not own a PS2, but I see they're selling the GoW collection for the PS3.....So does that mean all PS3's or just the non slim version?

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  1. the gow collection for ps3 is an "enhanced" version of the original ps2 games. it has better graphics and ships on bluray. you do not need "ps2 compatibility", so it will play on any ps3 console as it is technically a ps3 game. as long as you get the ps3 version, you'll be fine.
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