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I recently upgraded to Win 7 64bit, but lately I have had issues with windows just randomly freezing.

I mean it is not just a single program freezing but the entire screen just locks up the busy circle mouse stops spinning the gadget clock stops and time stands still.

I dont know how long these freezes last, but the only way to get out of them is to press Ctrl+Alt+Del and click shut-down, then the computer starts magically responding and shuts-down.

My spec is as follows:
Intel Corei7-920
6gb DDR3 Dominator RAM (6x1GB modules)
1gb ATI 4870HD

I have updated all the drivers to 64bit.

please help
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  1. Could be a driver problem or a RAM problem.

    Make sure you are running the latest drivers for all of your hardware and then Memtest86 to test your RAM.
  2. Check the Event Viewer for any Error events that might give you an idea as to what is causing the problem.
  3. THank you but I think I may have found the root of the problem. I think it was Norton Internet Securty 2010. I have been running windows for a couple of hours without it, and the incident hasn't happened yet.

    But now I am stuck with no internet security, can anyone reccomend a good native x64bit security software
  4. you have an i7 and it does that to you.. I've got an i3 and NEVER had a problem . . I think free anti-virus is best :P AVG :D
  5. I one that works well as a firewall, and doesn't hog memory
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