Abit NF7-S total lock-up after bios update!

Problem is this: I upgraded my bios using Abit's own Flashmenu program and when it was successully run through windows 2000 pro(sp4) booted the machine but nothing happens. Only lights of my cd-drives blink and blank black screen. Monitor says that no signal and no beeps are heard. I had the right bios and no error occured while installing it. I have cleared my CMOS taking off the battery and jumpered it as manual says. I am truly desperate.

Added later: I know now what went wrong. My mobo was NF7-S V2.0 and I used newest V1.x bios in my ignorance. So is there anything to do? Maybe there is a way to flash my bios in pc-store? My bios uses phoenix chip.

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  1. There's a few things you can do.
    1) RMA the board
    2) Order a preprogrammed BIOS chip through ABIT or from <A HREF="http://www.excaliberpc.com/default.php?cPath=156_157&sort=1a&&page=5" target="_new">here</A> (This is an ABIT sponsored vender)
    3) Do a "hot flash"
    4) Try to force flash by making a boot disk with all the flash stuff on it, and holding down CTRL-F1(I think) while booting.

    I'd try force flashing, and if that doesn't work, just order a new BIOS chip.

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  2. Could you give me those three parts from the start in english. I am no guru so it would help. Thanks anyway to brighten my day. I was considering to buy new mobo.

    In part four there is one little problem. My computer does not even boot normally. It is just blank. No bios screen appears - nothing.
  3. I'm 99% sure that ordering the new preprogrammed BIOS chip would be your best bet. Hot flashing is too risky. Every case (from what I've read) of force-flashing on the NF7 series when the wrong board revision was flashed didn't work. You'll need a special tool to remove the BIOS chip, too. I don't know if that's part of the kit excaliber is offering.

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