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A new multiplayer demo is available and playable through steam right now. Did not see people talking about it. I have played a few times, but my skills have waned since playing Quake II in the late 90's. What do you gamers think of it ? I start and am not to familiar with settings, it picked the various characters for me every time, I just join random quick games. Basically I seem to stink. Thoughts, I seem to get decent fps, I have MSI running with monitor.
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  1. Haven't tried it. I did read a short review and it definitely sounded complex (quite a learning curve) at least when playing against other people. How'd it look graphics wise?
  2. I'm kind of hesitant to try it, simply because it's on steam. I may be a little gun shy with all of it, but I rly prefer to pay for a hard copy of my games. I kind of like to keep the games I've played for posterity.
  3. Ive used steam for years and never had any problem with it :)

    Also the demo is fun, its pretty simple I thought, run and gun man!
    I hope the single player component will be good, thats the real appeal to me.
  4. Well, it is only a demo. I assume when the real game comes out you can buy a hard copy (though you may have to activate on steam, which is no big deal compared to some (ahem, Ubisoft)).
  5. I still play Quake 2 everyday on tastyspleen's servers. I tried the demo tonight and wasn't that impressed. It is still a demo but I thought they could have better used the Unreal engine. The graphics were not conscious expanding or anything.
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