Windows Desktop Bar During Gameplay.

While I run some games such as Crysis, I notice the windows desktop bar during video games which gets annoying because it interfers with the game. Wondering why this happens ?

EXT64 said:
You can try disabling desktop composition or visual themes. or, are you saying it is not in full screen (if that is the case, Alt-Enter should fix it).

Thats what I got so far, accidently posted this thread into the consle gaming section, but so far I researched about disabling the composition and visual theme's & came across that point by going to properties of the game and manually disabling the composition and the visual theme's. But then I re-run the game and the same stuff is still there. It is so ANNOYING :fou: . What are my possiblilites left, like this didn't happen every single time I ran Crysis, now it does it for the hell of it which rattles me a lot.

For some reason aswell, when I downloaded the game I thought something was missing. Part of an installion or som', but I don't even have shortcut to the game, nor is it on my all programs list. Is there a way to go to the file and manually make the desktop start-up folder ?
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  1. wow this is the biggest peice of bullshit ever. I try to manually cuztomize the taskbar properties and it doesn't even allow me to add any options to hide when inactive for Crysis nor any other program.
  2. what windows do you have? 7, vista, xp...
  3. vista 64-bit just wondering does my signature not show ?
  4. Didnt think to look sorry. yea it shows up, theres no hide setting though? should be called auto-hide.
  5. Yea, no problem, I was just wondering because I never knew when I first joined that you have to manually option the public view. But I thought that was it to, unless were talking about something else. I think your talking about making the taskbar disapear when your mouse isn't on the bar & when the cruisor goes over the desktopbar then it appears. But that didn't eliminate the side bars that I had so I knew it was no deal.

    I was playing around with my system settings in Crysis, then I saw the Fullscreen option wasn't clicked on and then ajusted the settings and it solved the problem.

    *Problem Solved due to inefficiency of the brain*
  6. OOOH yea i thought you mean the bottom bar sorry. Happy to hear you got it working!
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