Wow, Life sucks... For me. I HATE YOU STEAM!!!

Ok, I just need to rant about how sucky my experience with steam is and how awfully ironic is what happened.

Ok, so for 2 years I've been an avid steam gamer, happily gaming and making new friends. Well, on February 8th, I was so damn excited for the release of Bioshock 2 that I pre-ordered. BUT... Something awful happened of course.
So I get home from school, check my steam for new messages, and i get one from my friend saying, "hey Rambo! check this out, steam is offering 5 free games for their users on their website!" So that was like a double bonus to my already exciting day.. But I never go that games the "steam" site was offering.

The next morning I quickly got up, excited to roam the halls of rapture again, for some reason I was logged out of Steam, and I reserved two emails saying my email and password information has been recently changed.
WTF!! I didn't do that!! So I quickly contacted Steam (the real steam that is) of the issue (well, got a ticket number), provided EVERYTHING, from credit card info to CD Keys and games I bought from steam. With all this info, you'd expect a pretty quite reply from one of the most respected gaming networks, right?

Wrong, I've still been "patiently" waiting for some type of answer or acknowledgment from their support line that they're actually looking into this.

So pissed off right now, I know that the hijacking part was completely my stupid fault but SERIOUSLY! This type of sh** happens, and Steam should make these cases a high priority.

Sorry for the rant, but just want to talk to someone about this.
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  1. I HATE steam too!!! yay. and thats total BULL dude, i hope everything gets figured out keep us updated please.
  2. Gawd, yes it is.. Thanks, I really hope SOMEONE notices my 4 replies I've made on there. I'll keep you all up to date on my progress... Starting to loose hope of playing L4D 1 and 2, along with my precious Bioshock 2 :(
  3. So you got ripped off by a supposed friend, not Steam. Look at it this way - had somebody you let into your house taken all of your CDs there would be almost no chance of you getting them back. At least with Steam you will most likely get everything back even if it takes a few days.
  4. Is this a serious topic?
  5. So you are blaming Valve and Steam for your own complete ignorance?
    You sir have just Won and Lost the internets in one fell swoop. GG sir!
  6. I undestand your frustration here Rambo, but to blame steam is a little childish imho.

    As you said, Steam is one of, if not 'the' largest digital distributor of PC games. With that being said, you have
    to realize that they probably get hundreds if not thousands of tickets per day for support, questions, etc.
    such things are usually done on a first-come-first-served basis. You think that your problem should take
    priority.... well, I'm sorry to say but EVERYBODY thinks that THIER problem should take precedence.

    ...This is not generally how things work.

    You can at least take heart in that you will more than likely get your account and games back at some
    point. I am sorry for you to have to go through this, but as you said, it was your own fault.

    I really hope you get to play Bioshock 2 again soon.
  7. I'm still kind of lost on how this all came about. His first message is kind of incoherent!

    But, I think everyone else figured it out. I'm guessing that one of his "friends" he made on Steam sent him a link to the Steam site about an offer too good to be true and the poster apparently went to this Steam "site" and had to enter his username and password which turned out to be a PW sniffer. :ouch:

    Dude, you don't have to go anywhere EXCEPT to the Steam site within the Steam Client. Sorry, but never, EVER trust someone that gives something that seems too good to be true. Just go to the Steam site within your Steam client and you'll know of any specials because there is a Specials tab right there on the homepage of the client.
  8. Im saying steam works but you need a good internet connection . But that sucks man, hope you figure a way out.
  9. son of a BITCH! guess what happened today?! :D
    I GOT MY ACCOUNT BACK!!!! And akratos, your a dumba**, I already said that it was MY fault for loosing my account, i was just saying that the waiting process was getting on my nerves..

    Anyways, I got an email with my new username and password, everything is right as rain now :) and there was no damage to my account.
    currently downloading Bioshock 2, cant wait!!!

    Thanks for listening to this tragedy and rant, I'm in utter shock that I got it back.


    P.S. I still havent gotten an answer to this question from google, is Bioshock 2 DX11??
  10. You should edit your first post and say that you did something stupid and Steam saved you within a few days.
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