Oh wow, how far we've come!

Check out these vids I found online:

1995: "The Gamer's PC" from Computer Chronicles

1998: The Screen Saver's "Ultimate Gaming Machine"

What's totally amazing is that the netbook I'm using to type this out is more powerful than both machines, by a long shot. :lol: Ironically however, I'll most likely have problems running Mechwarrior I on my MSI Wind. :P
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  2. Click on the vids as they play.
  3. LOL, the memories!!!!!!!!!
  4. BattleMechs at their very best I think you'll agree, it's been downhill since then as far as graphics go. :lol:
  5. At least prices have gone down as well! :lol:

    Man, I remember being so happy, when I finally had enough money to upgrade my 486DLC PC from 4 to 8 MB of RAM. Ultima 8 never moved so quickly!
  6. I can still remember being really impressed with the gaming ability that a 4mb accelerator card opened up when paired with the Matrox Millennium that I was using at the time but when that rig was replaced with a K6-III rig with a Voodoo3, I nearly soiled myself when I saw how much better it made Half Life look.
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