Best Multiplayer Games ever...

I played Quake 2 MP for about a million hours online. Then I played Quake 3 MP for about two million hours. But, by far the most addictive multiplayer game for me has been: Empire Earth.

Other on-line games that have consumed a significant portion of my expendable time include:

Battlefield 1942.
Red Faction

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  1. Serious Sam is really fun. Any of the rainbow six games are great too if you want more strategy and planning.

    Age of Empires provided tons of fun as well.

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  2. Unreal Tournament and UT2003 and Quake III and Starcraft and warcraft III
  3. I love Operation Flashpoint and OFP: Resistance. They are always the first games I install after a format, and the ones I first go to when opening Gamespy. I love them. They just refuse to get old, like some games.

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  4. the origanl Team Fortress and then the HL version Team fortress classic I still play all the time. Kinda waiting for TFC2 to come out in november even though they have delayed the release for almost two years now

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  5. Multiplayer Battletech (Not the Mechwarrior series)

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  6. yeah everquest was an awesome game. i liked starcraft and all but just couldnt get into it

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  7. Tribes 1 & 2... played those more than any other game with the possible exception of Everquest.

    My current favorite is BF 1942... it's even better on the new machine I just built. :smile:

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  8. You know, I love the concept of Tribes, but when I bought it back in the day, I think my system was too weak, so I never got into it. It ran like a dog. I probably would've liked it if my system was up-to-snuff.

    I like BF1942 also, but it bugs me that it takes my system three or four minutes to cycle between levels. I mean, it REALLY bugs me to the point where I can't play it very long. I even have 512 megs of RAM, but I think the problem is my hard-drive is just too full, and BF1942 is on the outer edge of the disk. I dunno, it plays fine once the level loads, but waiting for the level to load is a biatch.

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  9. Anyone here ever play a game called Overkill, from back in the BBS days? If you're under the age of 30, you probably have NOOO idea what I'm talking about.

    Anyway, I've always hoped someone would come out with a modern version of that game...or something close to it.

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  10. Yeah TRibes is another great MP game. I actually bought it after it got played out at WalMart for like 9.99 and went out and bought the Tribes 2 about 2 weeks later. Great concept.

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  11. call me crazy but I enjoy Medal of honor allied assult. Almost as much as I enjoy Battlefield 1942

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  12. there's more than one game named overkill, the one that comes to mind right now was a top-down, vertical scolling arcade plane game.

    Bleh, tribes1 was great, tribes 2 i didn't find near as fun.

    I've been beta-testing planetside for some time now, you should definately check that one out.
  13. who makes it? (planetside that is.)

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  14. Ahh, I guess you could say sony?

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  15. FM, Im a Phukkin idiot sorry d00d.

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  16. I know this has been said about a million times here, but I've got to mention it since all of my other favorites have been mentioned already

    - Scorched Earth

    first played it my freshman year of highschool, when our school got it's first network set up, memories...

    It's all good ^_^
  17. haha, you've got a point,namek; but i still think v1.0 was the best out of all of them.
  18. Battlefield 1942

    on dialup when theres no adsl/cable players
  19. I agree, the later version was a good try, but it couldn't touch 1.0

    playing with Death's Head and hot napalm was always fun

    It's all good ^_^
  20. I have just discovered the amazing Black Hawk Down game, this to me is the best OnLine Multplayer, has it all!!!

  21. It is a very good game

  22. yah, TFC has been around for years and still FILLS many many servers with 20-40 ppls. Crude looking now...but still a blast!! TFC2 released with Half-Life2?

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  23. I thought I'd add americas army which is really fun too. And free.

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  24. Technically your taxes paid for it, yet it is free to all the rest of the world. Yaaahooo! :tongue:

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  25. True! Honestly it's the best propaghanda machine I've EVER seen or heard about. Ingenious if you ask me.

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  26. Anyone ever play Day of Defeat. This was before Beta3 when they slowed everything down. I used to play that game for hours on end. I forgot to mention it but I loved it more than BF1942, MOH, and RTCW. And it was freeware.

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  27. Day of Defeat was awesome.. we played it for friggin ages.
    QIII and StarCraft are also some of my favourites, not to mention Medal of Honour Allied Assault and Spearhead.
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