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I'm a CAD Designer and I'm considering getting a notebook pc.
AutoCAD mainly, but maybe use it for Solidworks and 3dSMax.
Not going to use it for games.

Any suggestions. Thanks in advance.

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  1. Any modern laptop will do anything possibly imaginable in the computer these days. I would go for IBM with my closed eyes any day of the night in the morning of the sunset.

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  2. You can get an ATI FireGL in laptops now. The last one I saw was a T2, there might be newer ones out now. If you are doing rendering stuff like that you might as well get a rendering card :)
    I know the IBM Thinkpad T42 can have a FireGL in it. I seem to remember seeing one in a HP not to long ago but I can't seem to remember the model number or find it on their site.
    Well, at least that should make the decision a little easier. You wouldn't have many choices if you went with a rendering card, lol. Just be prepared for IBM to reem out your wallet. Believe me it is worth every penny though. IBM knows how to make a laptop. Hopefully Lenovo continues that tradition.

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