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Vista Ultimate Upgrade to Windows 7 Questions HELP NOW!

Last response: in Windows 7
October 3, 2009 4:40:50 PM

Hi there.

I have read many many forums with discussions on this but I can't seem to find an answer.

I have bought the Vista Ultimate 64 bit OEM from newegg for a free coupon to upgrade to Windows 7

My questions are --

** Is this a coupon for a discount to buy a windows 7 upgrade? Like a discount of 30% or something?

** Is this an upgrade that mirrors the corresponding version (it's only logical right?) For me for example -- Vista Ultimate 64x --> Windows 7 Ultimate 64x

** Is this an OEM version of windows 7?

** Is this a full version of Windows 7? Not a beta version but a real version.

** When can I upgrade? When does it expire?

It doesn't make sense to me to keep this Vista Ultimate 64x OEM if all I get is a beta windows 7 *** version when I can just return it and get a retail for the around the same price (maybe not ultimate but professional) and have a clean install.

** Some people had problems upgrading because they weren't "registered system builders with microsoft" -- I have never contacted microsoft for any reason -- will I have a problem upgrading?

I have heard that you can only get a free upgrade if you have a retail version of Vista (see this LINK for a forum post on that) WTF. really? That entirely contradicts what is completely understood when reading the vista ultimate 64x OEM version on newegg.coms website.


please help me out guys. I am on a time constraint for building my rig so it would be good to get any feedback. Thanks for all your help ~~~

Best solution

a c 209 $ Windows 7
October 3, 2009 6:37:00 PM

It's a coupon which will get you a FREE copy of the official release of Windows 7 UPGRADE of the same type and edition (OEM/Ultimate) of Vista that you bought.

Windows 7 will be released on October 22, if I were you I'd get the copy of the Windows 7 install media that you're entitled to shortly after that date. You won't have to install it right away, but better safe than sorry in terms of actually getting the media.