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Under windows 2000 I want to create user accounts that have access to the basics but nothing else. as in some sort of browser, a folder or two on the hard drive (but limited to what can be viewed or deleted), must have ability to use networking for dialup to internet, but no change any settings, etc.

No matter how hard i try, i can't put this all together, what's up ? Guest account does a decient job with things, however, it won't allow for networking (ie: no dialup), i try messing around with file permissions, but i just end up locking needed files out and dialup never works!

Anyone help?

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  1. Have you tried just a basic user account? Setting very specific rights is hard/impossible to do on a standalone machine. You should be able to grant various file access with little problem but dialup access will be harder if it doesn't work right off. A normal user should have access to the dialup but still be restricted enough to not be able to install/uninstall things.
    Other than that I'm not sure, there might be a 3rd party app that will do the restriction that you desire.
    Or just setup a domain controller in your house ;)

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  2. Create a user, make him a custom "Start" menu, remove all the rights to access program folder, files, system, blahblah stuff, put Dial-Up shortcut on the desktop, well you have the idea.

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