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i had a trial wow acount worked great, upgraded and havnt been able to play since. tries to download a patch status goes to 10% then stalls
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  1. Maybe your trial has expired?
  2. did you re-try to install it ? I know that I have installed it onto multiple computers and I have had similar problems.. I am not sure, but you can try to either just continue the installation or uninstall and reinstall it. Hope it helps. That game is damn good. Just got too bored of it after doing 3 hour raids every week. Looses its luster after 3 years.. :kaola:
  3. Looses its luster and if you don't cancel, you continue to lose money as well! Even free games like Guild Wars begin to grow stale.

    Now, Fallout 3! It's not an MMORPG, but it's darned fun to play!
  4. pshhhh Bad Company 2!!!!
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