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  1. Are these built-in speakers, or stand-alone speakers? If they are stand-alone, did they come with a CD / installation disc? Have you checked out the manufacturer website of the speakers for a driver download?

    If they are built-in speakers, you can try to update the driver by going into your Device Manager.

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  2. Speakers don't require drivers.
    Sound cards require drivers, these can be from the maker of the card or for onboard sound from the motherboard maker or chipset maker.
    Make and model number would be required to find the drivers.
  3. The speaker in the case? No driver needed. Mobo controls it.
  4. I know this is an old thread but being an old guy I felt I needed to reply anyway. If any of you ever used a 8086 286, 386 or 486 computer running windows 95/98 there was a "driver" you could get called speak.exe that would allow you to play windows sounds through the built in computer speaker. The speaker was internal and made beep sounds to alert you to boot alerts, errors while booting, etc. I'm not sure that today's computers come with a "speaker" like the computers of yesteryear did but if they do I would think a quick Google search would yield the driver. If I remember right cnet and maybe driverguide have the file. It may not work on newer computers as it was built for Windows 98 but can't hurt to give it a try.
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