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hers the ebay account

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  1. Hot deal???? ........
  2. WTF is this...?
  3. Why wouldn't someone just wait until black friday and pick up a 360 for dirt cheap? Already saw a 250gb for $299 at best buy!
  4. Yeah at (black friday/cyber monday) you could get a 360 for "dirt cheap" as Imserious said. Plus there coming out with next generation consoles sometime near the end of 2013 i think so the 360's price would drop quite a but I would think.
  5. albeit i hate ebay advertisements in this forum section, note that OP is in Australia where prices are higher.

    AND i just reread the forums rules, ebay links are not allowed so, sending in the report.
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  7. This topic has been reopen by Jsc
    I am leaving this thread up because dudewitbow is correct, but I have removed the eBay link.
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