Help! PS3 60GB is agonizing

I want to know if anyone can help me fix my PS3...

My PS3 stopped working like 4 months ago. Just stopped reading disks (any kind), but everything else was fine. I did my research and find at various sites that I should clean the lens so I did it, opened my PS3 and had it done. Then my Bluray drive stopped working and the blue led didn't even turn on. I opened my PS3 again and did some weird crap and after a long "pseudo-fixing" sesion my PS3 wouldn't even play my demos/PSN/Home/FoldingHome.

I pretty much kissed my PS3 goodbye. But then I found that the problem I had could have been fixed way waaay easier, just with a simple Restore System Files method (In the weird menu that appears when you hold the on button). I did that and now my PS3 is alive again!!!

The problem is that when I was "fixing" my PS3 in the second intervention to my system, when I turned it on, I tried to see if the bluray drive was working again by inserting a blank CD. Now it is stuck and wont come out. It makes weird noices like it's trying to crap out the CD but it can't.

I know the system is working again because I can play all the demos and stuff again and the drive icon is shown AGAIN, but now becuase of the stuck CD, it is displayed "corrupted data".

Can anyone help me to fix this thing?
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  1. Youtube is supposed to have a lot of info on this topic. Also, you can find a lot of info here.
  2. ohiou_grad_06 said:
    Youtube is supposed to have a lot of info on this topic. Also, you can find a lot of info here.

    It just tells me to send the system but I no longer have warranty. :|
  3. Right, but look in the forums, a lot of guys have had issues and may be able to help you find resources to help repair it. I think there are some 3rd party companies that can fix these cheaper than sony, but you may not need that. But check in that site in the forums under playstation 3 general, maybe put up an account and ask. I am thinking there is a way to manually eject the disc.

    One video I saw said you may be able to force eject it by holding the eject button and turning the power switch off on the back, it said you may have to do it a couple of times though. But definitely check the forums on the other website, I have a slim myself so may not be as much help with your specific model as others.
  4. I searched in varios sites how to fix this thing. I had to realign all the things inside the drive, pretty tense stuff. Now I can insert and eject disks, but I ended just how I started. The drive doesn't read any disks. In th right corner the loading logo apears but it seems that the disks doesn't even spin.
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