Will there be an option for no blood on bfbc2 on PC like cod4?
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  1. hopefully not, its useless.
  2. I think not. Maybe with an patch or something. Well i bet that you are an kid with angry parents :P
  3. lol you guessed right, but they're angry for my own good!
  4. Well now that i think about it, there isnt any (or much) blood. there usually isnt much at all in games like these. opposed to games like UT and others, realistic games dont usually have pools of blood or huge spatter from gunshots. So you should be fine.
  5. ok thx
  6. MAB, there's a really good shooter alternative to Bad company 2 for PC. It has NO BLOOD..

    It's called Unreal Tournament 3. You should check it out, try the Deathmatch mode you can get right in the thick of stuff quick there.
  7. lol UT3 is NOT a good alternative, it is a great game, but NOTHING AT ALL like bc2. Please think before you talk, anyone who has ever played ut knows that its a total arcade type alien game with cool weapons. Nothing like the modern war games such as BF and CoD (yes i mentioned both together)
  8. I was offering it up as an alternative to Bad Company if it had too much blood for him. :whistle:
  9. Jamrock said:
    I was offering it up as an alternative to Bad Company if it had too much blood for him. :whistle:

    Well you made it seem like "oh UT is a game thats really similar to bc2" yea its a great game though, but dont expect one aspect of it to be like real life.
  10. Lol, I was mainly referring to the gore factor w/ a bit of sarcasm. UT3 blows BC2 out of the water with the amount of blood and gore.

    Don't play UT3 kid if you don't like the blood. I was kidding.
  11. i was just playing UT3 about 2 minutes ago to test if i had problems with it too, but didnt notice much gore. anyways, stick with bc2 i dont think i have seen a drop of blood in it.
  12. ok thanx, its not that i hate the blood, its just being able to turn it off makes it a much more enjoyable experience, without blood splattering all over the screen and all.
  13. Oh then you have NOTHING to worry about in BC2, if you have played the beta, you will see that there is NONE at all. I am not joking or anything, i really havent seen any blood in the game so far.
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