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I am upgrading my computer.

My applications are fairly basic: Office, Simply Accounting, Photoshop. I don't use any games or 3D or video editing and therefore don't really need the latest, fastest high performance hardware.

My main criteria are that my system be as reliable as possible. I'm currently using a CUSL2-C with a Celeron 633 and it has served me well with very few crashes, etc. Other perks that would be nice are fast boot-up and fast launching of programs (but these are not necessities)

Can any of you recommend me a good mobo/cpu combination that will give me good bang for the buck and reliability as well

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  1. Abit is7 and retail boxed 2.6c p4 with 2 sticks of crucial 256 meg pc3200 will run you about $370 shipped. You can order the memory directly from crucial, or all 3 at newegg.
  2. I wish would accetp paypal...

    My Rig:
    AthlonXP 2000+ 1.677ghz
    GeForce Verto FX5200 128mb ddr
    Maxtor 7200RPM 80GB, Some POS 40gb
    384mb sdram(unknown)
    Cendyne 52x24x52 CD-RW
    Lite-On 4x DVD-RW
    Go EMachines...:(
  3. I just bought the Abit IS7 and the P4 2.6 800 FSB. Just put it together over this weekend and has been great so far. They are running a one day sale on Pentium 2.6 retail $163.00 shipped for 800 FSb (I paid $169).

    If you really aren't wanting to bump up to the higher end technology and like your Celeron then the 2.4 is on sale at for $67.00 shipped.

    Again it is a one day sale so you would have to act quick.
  4. You could get a Tualatin Celeron 1100 for around $40, and a Tualatin adapter for less than $10, and overclock to 1466MHz. That solution puts you into PC133 RAM on a 133 bus, twice as fast as your current settup, on the same board!

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  5. Thanks for the suggestions. I'm not too keen on overclocking, even though the cost is tempting. Reliability is my primary concern so I think I'll buy new and run conservative.

    I've also been recommended ASUS P4PE with a P4-2.6 GHZ (FSB800) and two strips of memory
  6. An Asus A7N8X-X with an xp2500 and 2 strips of pc2700 will give you all the bang you need and save over $100. Due to ram timing problems with the P4c, it may be more stable, and will be quieter.
  7. Me personally for business running 8RDA with 1700+ and couple of crucial 256/3200 stiks at 7.5x200 settings, never had crashes in w2k (wME is a different story), very highly recommend. But on the other hand tried to get P4 working on IA7, no go, RMAed the board, getting EPoX board again. They are the most "up and running" boards I've used so far (cheapest too ;)

    ..this is very useful and helpful place for information...
  8. You don't have credit card?
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