Windows 7 install stuck on "windows starting", tried many things

Hey guys this is my first post here although I've been on the forums for a very long time :) (not a registered user though).

So I bought a new 1 tb hard drive and thought I'd give windows 7 64bit home premium a try.
here are my specs:
asus m4a89gtd pro/usb3 motherboard
zotac gts 250 1gb vid card ( although pulled out for now )
amd 245 x2 processor
x2 2gb sector 5 ddr3 ram
usb mouse and ps2 keyboard
650 watt coolermaster GX power supply
regular 20$ LG dvd drive

ok now i put the disc in and it loads the windows files and then goes to the windows startup screen and says
"starting windows". and sometimes is shows the windows logo, sometimes it does not.

I've already done many of the basic things such as:
disconnect everything besides my ps2 keyboard and monitor. including my vid card and extra ram stick.
Also turn off usb2 / usb3.
Now in many threads i see that disabling the FDD will fix the problem. although there is no option for this in my bios. I have taken out everything from the boot sequence except for cd/rom and hard drive.
I have also updated my bios to latest version from a flash drive.
Ive tried everything I could find and more. I think if i could disable my FDD( keep in mind i dont even have an FDD) it would possibly work. Is there anyway to do this on my mobo? If not does anyone have anything else to try. I do not have another disc drive btw.
Thanks alot in advance

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  1. bump, please help :)
  2. ok so i put bios settings to factory default and it worked, although now its stuck at expanding files on the setup, anyone?
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