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About 12 months ago i put my PS3 up for sale on ebay,it was only about 3wks old,extras and all that,anyway to cut a long story this guy brought it with a stolen credit card,needless to say i lost out big time.My question is does a PS3 have a unique code like a xbox,i know that Microsoft can ban Xbox`s` from going online,now i did go online with my PS3 so if the guy who stole it from me has sold it on and then they have gone online with it is there anyway that the PS3 can be traced?
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  1. If it goes on line, it has a MAC address that has to be unique. I therefore *CAN* be traced, but you may find that no one will help you do so.

    If you were frauded on eBay, they should stand behind the transaction. Is there perhaps a piece of the puzzle you are leaving out?
  2. No,the guy asked if he could collect,i said yes but only when the money has gone into my PayPal account and then transfered into my bank account.It all went through so he came and collected and apperantly thats what i did wrong,PayPal are saying that i have no proof that this guy collected and so they took the money from my paypal account which left me in the red and i had to pay it back.They say that if you read the terms it states that they do not cover on home collections and the police say that its highly unlikely that they will catch this guy.He has done it many times,ebay are aware of him,he hacks peoples accounts,this is my last chance of at least trying to get something back.
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