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Acer aspire 5315 need to install windows alt-f10 partition gone

Last response: in Windows 7
September 3, 2010 10:32:12 PM

had an acer aspire 5315 given to me to repair by mother in law,

the hard drive was corrupted by a nasty set of virii and had to be completely reformatted

i have HAD to remove the pqservice partition as it was also corrupted, please dont get into arguments about how it could have been repaired... whats done is done.

anywho, i tried to install windows 7 onto the machine, ive tried several versions, x64, x86 also tried alt-f10 before i formatted. all of them have failed

the install works (not alt-f10 it didnt work at all really) but after the first reboot they just hang on blackscreen and wont boot to cd either without me wiping the hard drive through a very convoluted process.

anyway after the latest install of windows 7 x86 ultimate the battery died and i got bored. so.... im now left with a bit of a puzzle.
why wont the boot cd load either? i get it if the hard drive is bust, even though ive scanned every sector, it will load a boot cd of mini xp fine.

bah... i dont know, i cant find a hardware fault but the software wont install...

should i try a specific operating system or can i get hold of acers recovery disk, like i said the partition is gone, i fdisked a new partition and i dont understand why it wont install. should i try vista basic or something?

anyway ive had it for a few months now, so no rush and ive got disks with practically every operating system on so im willing to try anything to get this machine working.

it came with vista home basic, if i can get that working ill take it but 7 ultimate is the target operating system.
September 4, 2010 6:42:00 PM

I have seen many different instances of this type of problem. I often have to try a few different ways of getting DVD drives to boot. Some times moving the DVD drive before the HD in bios boot order, other times systems requires a warm boot, and others require cold boot. Different systems and even bios versions can make for headaches trying to get a boot from DVD drive.
On these laptops there is a EFI protection which I understand protects against a linux 64bit install to stop data from being stolen. If all else fails try Acers support and possible bios updates for windows 7 compatibility.