Which Fallout 3 DLC is the best?

Okay, there are 5 DLCs for Fallout 3. I purchased Fallout 3 through Steam, but I didn't get the GOTY edition. I've seen a few reviews on the DLCs, but I want to get actual gamer's opinions.

Which one's are the best to get and why? Vote and leave your opinion as well.

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  1. Easily Point Lookout. Gives you a whole new area like 1/5 the size of the original Fallout 3 to explore. When you first arrive via boat, it's quite cool, kind of a creepy atmosphere with inbreds and such.

    The worst is the latest one, forget the name, has to do with Aliens. Not much fun at all.

    All the other DLC's including the alien one mentioned just give you a small area to work with, they are all fun and good additions to the game if you have time/don't get bored. I got bored on the 360 with the DLC, but then again it was on the 360 and I had no mods.

    Point Lookout is the only one that gives you a whole new, cool, explorable area. A lot of fun, I think hands down it is the only one that is "REALLY" worth your money. Don't even wait for other people's opinions if you want to get one asap, it's the best :D

    edit: Just noticed the poll at the top. Operation: Anchorage was Bethesda's attempt at creating an action game. It's not like an RPG at all. It is quite fun, albeit very short and there are no RPG elements to it really. Linear run through a snowy area killing Koreans. About 7/10 in the fun factor.

    edit2: The Pitt is interesting, and does actually have some RPG elements to it like the original FO3. A bit short, about 5/10 in the fun factor.

    Broken Steel: Forgot about this one, another must buy IMO. It raises the level cap to 30 (don't know if there are mods that already do this on the PC,) a fairly large addition to the game.

    Final verdict: Point Lookout - whole new, large area to explore that is a nice break from the deserts of FO3, brings you to a swampy, creepy area which is a very nice change. In combination with Broken Steel, after the finish the original FO3 you will probably be level 20 (or close to it.)

    Pick up Broken Steel and Point Lookout and you get +10 levels and more from Broken Steel, and a lot of content to level up through in Point Lookout in a new, refreshing area. My 2c.
  2. aw jesus why didnt u get goty during the sale?


    id get broken steel it extends the game alot
  3. razercultmember1 said:
    aw jesus why didnt u get goty during the sale?


    id get broken steel it extends the game alot

    Yeah, I know. I missed the sale and I never miss Steam sales! :cry:

    So now, I just want to get what's worth getting rather than getting all five. :pfff:
  4. Broken Steel is my favorite DLC released so far.
  5. Thanks. I've downloaded Broken Steel for now. I'll wait and see what else comes. I was thinking of getting that just for the level 30 upgrade.

    It sounds like Point Lookout is another, so I'll get that later tonight.
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