Why do I have to keep installing and uninstalling?

I don't understand why I have to keep installing and uninstalling Red Faction Guerrilla on my PC. Does anyone have a idea how to fix this that way I don't have to do this everytime? I would love for there to just be a shortcut on my main screen and all I would have to do is insert the disk and play the game. When I install the game it doesn't even show up under the start menu you know where applications and stuff are. This just doesn't make sence to me.
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  1. So what is the problem then? you mean when you install the game no shortcuts are placed and nothing shows up under the Start menu in Programs?

    Can you play the game by going through "My computer" by right clicking on the disc icon and pressing open or autoplay.

    have you tried installing under customer settings and double checking the folder settings and to see if the desktop icon check box is ticked?
  2. The problem is that everytime I go to play that game I have to uninstall the game and then reinstall for it to work. Yes, the game doesn't show up anywhere. No, when I go to my computer and right click and go through that process it does the same thing; pops up to the when that says repair, uninstalling, and something else but I've tried all three and still does the same thing. There is no box to check to mark for shortcut on desktop when installing. What are you talking about customer settings? All I do is put the disk in and try to play the game.
  3. Maybe it's not installing properly because you're not an administrator? Try running as an admin. Also, I think jasobnd meant "custom" install, which usually will allow you to choose desktop/start menu shortcuts.
  4. registry defrag to remove any shell items and then try to install again.
  5. I am the administer but will try on my other admin account. I am going to totally uninstall, run a disk cleanup and the a disk defrag. Then I will let everyone know what happened. Thanks
  6. I totally uninstalled the game, disk cleanup and the disk defraged; still nothing I switched to my fiancee admin account still nothing also.
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