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I have a Williams Aztec pinball machine that has always worked well. It is a fairly old 4 player reel type. Today I turned it on, and everything looked like it should (minus a few blown bulbs) I dropped a few quarters and racked up 10 games, them pressed start 2x (2 player). The game reset all 4 players to 0 and kicked up a ball. I flipped the flippers s few times, 100 points racked up (100 pts, not 10x 10pts) the machine went dead. I did not even shoot the ball. No lights changed, just the machine stopped flipping, no points on anthing, if you launch the ball, it just falls down, no points, no flippers, no nothing.

Power down the machine does nothing. Neither does new game, or quarter drop.

Fuses look OK.

Where do I start to get it to start?
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  1. i have a aztec pinball i had 29syears the problem might be the tilt bar touching when it shoud'nt or the tilt relay may need to be cleaned or ajustied. check your bonus relay also it may need cleaning or ajusting.
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