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hey guys, I just downloaded Aliens vs Predator, featuring the new directx 11. i installed dx11 on my Radeon HD 4890 and I have Windows 7. I checked dxdiag and it said I had dx11 installed, but when I run AvP it says "DirectX11 Hardware not found" when I try to select the tab for new dx11 features. Any ideas as to why this could be? I am clicking "Open Aliens Vs Predater Directx 11" when prompted also so I really dont understand it. Thanks for any help
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  1. 4890 is not dx11 hardware. Whilst win7 supports dx11 your card does not. At the moment only the newer 5xxx series by ati supports it.
  2. I have an Asus 5870 and i'm getting the same message. I ran a Dxdiag in windows 7 and it states i'm running Dx11.

  3. A 5870 should be able to run it fine. Which driver version are you using?
  4. I am running a 5970, with catalyst 10.1 drivers, and I experience the same problem.
  5. I have heard people are playing it with dx11 enabled and that it looks alot better.

    Perhaps try redownloading the latest drivers from ati's websie and giving that a go.
  6. is the difference that much vs dx10?
  7. DX9. There is no dx10 specific option AFAIK. I don't own the game, only going from what I have read about it. If you own a dx10 card then you select the dx11 option and it will only use what it can if any features.
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