Trying to help a friend with BC2

Ok, one of my friends is trying to get the BC2 beta working. When he runs either the updater OR game, he gets a white screen for about 5 seconds then it crashes. The updater updated the game just fine.
Things we have tried:
alt + enter combo twice when game starts
reinstalling 10 times
run both as admin
updating all drivers
reinstalling PB

BTW he has a with integrated graphics and no aftermarket upgrades
Any help would be appreciated.
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  1. I noticed it does have a PCI E X16 slot at his disposal. He might have to use something other than the integrated graphic. My laptop that has an Intel graphics chip set will not even run Titans Quest very well. My GTX 260 on my Desktop will stutter when the screen gets to busy and thats with AA x2 at 1680 by 1050 rez. I would guess its just to much for his on board graphics.
  2. alright,that was one of my thoughts but i sorta shook it off. And he doesnt do much in terms of DIY with computers. so ill see what i can do. Thanks gladiator.
  3. He might be able to get a GTS 250 or a 4890 for around or under 150 that would allow him to play it, just not maxed out.
  4. he just doesnt want to open up his computer... thats the problem.
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