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I saw the Playstation 2 magazine over the weekend and Crysis is coming out on BOTH the consoles and of course PC's. It better not be limited to DX9 or 11 like Dirt 2. For people that have DX10 NS 10.1 CARDS, Crytech should have all DX'x from 9 to 11 available.

The screen shots shown in the article are in the city(Im not sure if its in NY) but it is in a city with pedestrians and buildings. This should be an interesting part of the story as we will see those aliens attacking civilians and not just military units! I hope this is more epic than the 1st 2 parts of the story.

What do you think of the console versions?
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    Ok firstly Im guessing the console version will be for the PS3 and not the PS2.

    As to you question about DX versions - pc games makers have to cater for as mant possible hardware combinations.

    DX9 is still going storng, with a low uptake for DX10 / DX10.1 / DX11 - so you can be assured that when it comes out for the PC it will work on your hardware.

    some games already have an option to run in DX9 / DX10 / DX10.1 / DX11 - as time goes on and newer video cards come out and get lower in price eventually DX9 support will fade. This is likely to be some years off yet though
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