CPU fan not working

Hi all, i looked around and havent found anything so Im hoping someone here can help me.

I just upgraded my 8200 dell w/ an ABIT IS7-E mobo (along w/ some other stuff)
This is the 1st mobo change ive done and everything seems to work great, except for the CPU fan. When plugged into the correct connector for the CPU fan, it doenst run, but if I connect it to one of the AUX connectors it does run. Is there anything that i may have missed to enable the CPU fan. I would think it should just run, as long as its hooked up properly, (which I believe it is).

Thanks in advance!!!
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  1. Is there a BIOS setting for enabling the fan?
  2. I didnt see one when i went thru the BIOS when i set it up.
    I'll check again tho, and go thru each option in there when I get back home.

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