Cannot remember the name of a PC game

A few years ago, I played an indie/shareware PC game and I have absolutely no recollection of the name.

I'll try my best to describe how it worked however. You're a man who's spaceship crashed on some alien planet, and you have to walk around, collecting items, eating, making things, until you find some way to leave.

I recall very clearly that you had to assemble a gun out of the basis of a gun, a particle accelerator, etc. You could also make a few modifications and have a sniper, using bullets combined with petrol. 20-ish units of petrol could be combined with some machine to make a food ration, blah blah blah... Everything could be broken down into its bare parts and utilized as you like.

The game was from the top-down perspective. Any help will be greatly appreciated.
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  1. Never played any of these games but check out:

    - Alien Shooter
    - VAlien Shoot
    - Shadowgrounds
  2. Heh, I did another Google image search using descriptive terms and I saw a picture that looked strikingly familiar and discovered that it was, indeed the game I was looking for :D

    Its called Notrium.
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