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Hi all.. I am Running Red Hat 7.0 with a netgear RT 311 router sharing a dsl line.I have everything set and ready.. except I cannot get my router to work with my linux.
My router is on sunbet and I have my linux machine set on sunbet for some reason. if I ping the router I sometimes can reach the router.. but sometimes I can't.. right now I am helpless to access the internet thorugh the my linux machine.. can someone tell me how to config it thx..I am a newbie in Linux.. pls help
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  1. Once you can ping the router, you need to make sure the 'default gateway' points to the router.

    In RH, as root, run 'netconf'. This program just configures the networking portion that linuxconf provides. Then go to the "Routing and Gateways" section, then the "defaults". This is where the default gateway setting is kept - just type in your router's IP address. you may need to reboot to get the setting to be properly recognized.

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