Hardware causing high ping perhaps?

I just recently built this pc.

i7-860 2.8ghz
2x2gb G.Skill Ripjaw 9-9-9-24
Samsung 1tb 5400rpm
X-Fi Gamer
Asus PCE-N13 pcie x1 wireless N connected to Belkin N1 Vision wirelessly
Corsair H50 Cooler
Corsair 750w PSU
Coolermaster CM690 Advanced

My internet is 10MB down 2MB up Home Tel Co

My issue and why I don't think it has to do with the internet:

When I start any video game my ping sky rockets to 2000, when i close the games it goes back to normal

The pc upstairs which I used up until a few days ago works fine and doesn't even get any lag while this one is lagging

I tried Gamebooster and that had no affect

last thing I installed before this problem last night was DivX Package from the DivX site

All my drivers are up to date with everything I could find from the vendors themselves.

Everything worked fine. I installed DivX and walked away as a movie was playing. Came back and the movie had frozen. I tried to play CoD: MW2 and thats when I noticed the extreme lag.

Any thoughts would be appreciated, Thank you
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  1. issue seems to be fixed.

    my card has 2 antennas on the back one of which was just a bit loose.

    I tightened it and it works fine now.

    i'm guessing it was showing my ping as being fine normally due to the lack of information being transferred but when I started the video game all the info being passed started to bottleneck due to the faulty connection of the antenna.
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