Game Recording ?

What is the best way or recording HD game videos?

The only method I no so far is FRAPS is there any other way or piece of software I can use
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  1. lol i saw this topic and instantly though"FRAPS" it is a great program, why do you want a different one?
  2. Can you record in HD with FRAPS? I don't really no anything about it
    Also I no its not free, do you no how much it is? In £'s cuz i'm English
  3. Fraps is free to use. I think the video captures at the resolution of your screen if you choose full size.

    EDIT: Let me correct myself, it is free but restricted, sorry. The video capture is capped to 30S unless you want to pay for it. Here, I came across this site. Perhaps it will get you started.
  4. Fraps, Can be HD it records at the resolution you play at, so say you play at 720P/1080P then it'll be either 720P or 1080P, I Believe it Costs about $30 USD so like £20 (Correct?) Anyways its the best recording I know of.
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