2gb dual channel or 3gb normal ones for gaming!

hi all, currently i got a core 2 quad supporting dual channel ram.
i got 4 slots. and currently 2gb is installed in one slot.bioshock requires 3gb, what would be the best combination. mo motherboard is a dg33!!!
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    i would say get the xms 2, 2gb module to fit in slot 1 and 3. or 2 and 4.
    that way you will have a dual channel 4gb.

    3gb would be good if you had triple channel memory contrtoller, currently for core i7 series. that way 1gb X 3 would do.

    xms2 some say is not better than value ram, but its like $15-20 expensive only. so get the xms 2gb X 2 dual channel kit!
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