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Guys, I want to ask Toms to please do a performance analysis and relevant benchmarks on the JUST released Starcraft 2 Beta but I dont know how to reach the right person. Any ideas?
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  1. was hoping to see a more thorough review which tests more different types of platforms, including high end platforms, and even various levels of overclocking.

    i7-980x vs i7-920 with identical mb/video etc would be cool.

    I'm also interested to see the new nvidia cards benchmarked, and at least ONE SLI setup benchmarked, which i havent seen before anywhere on the web.
  2. I handed the draft article in today, it has to be edited and entered into the content management system but shouldn't take too long for it to go live.

    [edit] The article is up and here's the link:,2611.html [/edit]
  3. My i7 is running about 15% cpu and my 4870 is getting ~40fps at max settings and 1080p. looks beautiful.
  4. anyone seen a benchmark of it running cf 8x8 5770's? i'm trying to decide if i'm gonna get rid of my 5770 and just replace it with a 5850
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