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I have a new system that I bought for WoW. Its an HP Pavillion p6130y. I put a G-Force 9100 vid card in it and have 8g ram. I am getting major fps issues. I was getting almost 200 and now suddenly I have times I get 4. An update for Vista hit last week and now this starts. What can I do?

If I were to upgrade to Windows 7, will that help? I have a 2nd computer with a lower system that is not having issues with Vista or the vid card. Why? That one is older and yet it runs like a top. What do you think?
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  1. have you got the latest video drivers off the nvidia website?
  2. yes I have updated all my drivers. I have updated my spyware, viruscann, and my diagnostic software. Nothing somes up wrong and yet this thing is still doing it.

    I did read a thread on the hp site that the 9100 has had issues with Vista. It is an integrated card. Perhaps a separate card would work. It is pretty sad that you pay what we do for a computer and still have to upgrade it right out of the box. The vid card is supposed to be the selling point of this model. :sarcastic:

    Any other suggestions?
  3. the 9100 is not ment for gamming, but if it was fine before then I dont know.
  4. This is from

    Windows Vista may have compatibility issues with some device drivers, which may cause problem to the stability of the system. Luckily Windows keeps a backup copy of the old driver that has been replaced, and allows users to easily roll back or go back to the previous version of the driver.

    The method to restore or rollback a driver to its previous version in Windows Vista is similar to steps perform in Windows XP:

    Click on Windows Start button, then right click on “Computer” and select “Manage” on the right click context menu. If there is any UAC security prompt, click on “Continue”.
    Open Device Manager by clicking on “Device Manager”.
    Expand the hardware component category that placing device with corrupted driver by clicking on the small plus sign next to it. Inside the category, look for the device entry that you want to rollback its driver to previous version.
    Right click on the device, and select “Properties”.
    Select “Driver” tab.
    Click on the “Roll Back Driver” button, and confirm when prompted with dialog box asking if really want to procced to get old driver installed again.
    Note: User must logged on as an administrator to rollback a driver update. Beside, if there is no previous version of the driver software installed for the selected device, the Roll Back Driver button will be unavailable (grayed out and disabled).
  5. 200 fps with a 9100? You sure the video settings didn't jump from Low to Ultra High?
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