Far cry 2 freezes at loading on my laptop

Hello,I have a big problem. I can't load my Far Cry 2 game from ubisoft. I have a Hp G7000 notebook pc,with 1,73 GHz Intel pentium dual cpu. 2 Gb RAM.
The operating system is windows vista 32 bit. I have not bought any new sound or video cards for my computer is that necesarry ? Or am I missing something?
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  1. Depends on your video card that is implemented in your laptop. Most laptops are not optimized for gaming, especially when it comes to the video card.

    We need to know exactly what type of GPU you have in your laptop. A laptop make and model number would be better.

    My bet is, you have an Intel GPU possibly with NO dedicated video memory which means it has to mooch off of you 2gb of RAM.
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