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Ive been roaming google and toms for any insight on where my computer stands for graphics in bad company 2.
currently run a 9800gtx+ over clocked further and a i7 920 at stock clock 2.6ghz. Im trying to decide if i need to shell out for another gpu to SLi or if i OC my i7 to 3.6ghz and get enough results to be comfortable in game. Unfortunately I dont have beta so was hoping those who do could give me a true feel for whats needed for this game.

I know the 9800gtx is old and i will need an upgrade soon but if i can get enough FPS out what i got then it could last me a couple yrs rather then months.

oh ya btw 22inch monitor 1680x1050
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  1. BC2 doesn't even peg a single one of my i7 920(stock) cores. The game runs a round 20-25% cpu usage and spikes up to ~40% with lots of crap going on.

    Faster CPU would give almost no difference.
  2. <3 i7 920. Got one myself
  3. BC2 relies MUCH more heavily on your video card, instead of your CPU.
    Dont worry about ur CPU.
    Ur gfx card should be able to handle the game. Not maxed out, but medium and some high settings will get u nice FPS i think.
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