Flight Simulator X - Running at almost MAXIMUM Settings

Can anyone tell me how I was able to run FS X at almost MAXIMUM???

My system is a Pentium 2.8Ghz HT with 2GB of DDR Ram, 800Mhz FSB and a NVIDIA 5500 video card. My operating system is Windows XP Pro SP1.

I installed FS X on my system a month ago or so and I was playing the game at almost the highest settings possible...and I mean almost ALL the setting were set to MAX or close to it. The frame rate was set at about 28-30 fps.

I got all cockey and I figured if I can play FSX on my computer then I can definitely upgrade to Windows 7 easily and that's what I did (Windows 7 runs extremely fast on my computer). However, when I installed FSX on my computer with Windows 7 it's not possible to play FSX at all!

My question is how is it possible to run FSX on my initial set-up so well when I've read that only the latest most expensive hardware can run FSX at the maximu settings???
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  1. Hello Artichoke,

    Your system can run FSX in WinXP but Win7 is a much more demanding OS. Also, FSX has a lot of issues running in Win7 because it was designed for WinXP and for Vista 32-bit. FSX came out in 2006 if I recall. Vista was not even out yet but it was in the design stages (Vista came out around Jan. 2007 if I recall).

    You should check www.avsim.com and www.flightsim.com forums because there is a lot of talk about Windows 7 64-bit and trying to run FSX on it. These are two of the biggest sites for flight simulation on the internet. In particular, see these two links from the avsim forums:

    http://forums1.avsim.net/index.php?showforum=121 - FSX forum
    http://forums1.avsim.net/index.php?showforum=348 - Windows 7 forum

    Also, are you running any "add-ons" with FSX or are you just using the default scenery and planes? Without add-ons, FSX runs at the frame-rates you mentione without any issues. With add-ons of custom scenery, textures (e.g. Ultimate Terrain, various airport add-ons from www.aerosoft.com for example), and planes like ones from PMDG, Level-D, and others, FSX slows down considerably.

    Good luck and I suggest, personally - stick with Windows XP. If you have 64- bit XP, it is supposed to be great for running FSX. If not, I also switched from Windows 7 back to XP 32-bit Professional, and FSX runs much more smoothly in Windows XP and without any glitches like I saw in Windows 7.
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