FS: SLI PNY GTX 560 TI OC (2 of them)

I have two pny gtx 560 ti cards (performance edition) that i'm looking to sell. Factory overclocked, but not personal overclocked. I have the SLI bridge too as well. I'm looking for $300 for both cards shipped. PM me for any questions.
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  1. Bump, and lower priced to $250 shipped for both of them. Otherwise I will sell them for $125 a piece shipped. I would also be interested in a trade for a GTX 680 or 690 plus $$$.
  2. Anyone interested, open to some offers! Would like to sell asap!
  3. bumpage and price lowered to 250 shipped
  4. Double post, sorry.
  5. If you're willing to ship to Romania I'm willing to buy one for 125$.
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