Bad company 2 beta

I am having some fps problems... I have a core i7 920 oced to 3.6 4gb of memory a gtx 285 at 675mhz a raptor300gb asus rampage 2 x58 extreme corsair 1kwatt
Running win764
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  1. yessss....another BC2 thread. What is your resolution, game settings, and FPS?
  2. Medium sometimes I have it on high 1920X1200
  3. Latest drivers installed for everything?
  4. Yup
  5. install fraps and tell us what your usual FPS is during gameplay
  6. what are your FPS? Random lags or constant poo? Is HBAO enabled by chance? What AA and AF are you on? (don't know the settings of medium, sorry)
  7. No prob.
    Uh my fps on my custom high settings are everything high 4x AA and 4xAF no hdao I don't know what the medium setting is but i get maybe 50 fps I get random lag also when the game is over and you switch to the other team it will lag for a good 2-4 mins and stop I just think it could be better my mobo is having problems with memory would working at only 1000mhz compared to 1600mhz make a difference? it only shows 4out of 6 gb Thank you
  8. Here is a dude from the EA forums with a similar system:

    CPU: i7 920 @ 4.021GHz
    GPU: gtx 285 @ 702 MHz
    6GB DDR3 1600

    Resolution: 1920x1200
    Detail: High
    Shadows: medium
    HBAO: on
    AA: 2x
    AF: 4x

    FPS (with fraps): about 25-45 depending where I am, probably averages about 35, 29 if i'm recording.

    Sound about right? The beta isn't fully optimized so that is probably the issue. One thing that I read was that you can go in and change to DX9 to get a better performance. If you go into your documents and find bad company, you can change the DX from auto to 9 in one of the game setting files. Give that a whirl. I would also make sure HBAO is off. The devs recognize that is blows and they are optimizing it for the final release.
  9. Thank you
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