ARMA 2 problems. Please HELP!

Hi, i used to have ARMA 2 when it first came out, but it was so buggy i sold it. I heard they patched it and now its a great game, and my friends have been playing it. When i had ARMA 2 it played very smoothly until i hit a bug.

So i just bought ARMA 2 off steam for 25 pounds, installed it and started to play. WHENEVER, and i mean the second i start to move the mouse, i lag and the FPS drops to 0. After about 3 seconds the FPS is back up at 30, but whenever i move the mouse i go back to 0. I went on and im quite a bit over the minimum requirements.

Here are my specs though:
Intel Pentium 4 3.00ghz (Hyper threading is turned on)
Nvidia Geforce 8800
3gb of Ram

Im not sure if this is becuase i have bad hardware becuase before i could play the game smoothly.

Thanks in advance!
Zack. :(
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  1. I found another link on the issue.
  2. Thanks, but that doesnt seem to work. Im downloading the 1.05 patch right now, so hopefully that may help. Thanks for replying!
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