Computer dieing??

Recently, i have been playing Borderlands, Modern Warfare 2, Left 4 Dead 2; without any lag whatsoever and reasonable FPS. In the past few days iv been experiencing quite bad lag in all my games..Modern Warfare 2 is so bad its unplayable.

Intel Pentium 4 3.00ghz (Hyper Threading turned on)
Nvidia GeForce 8800GT
3gb of Ram

Please help me, as I can't currently afford a new rig.
If it really is that my computer is dieing please tell me.

Thanks, Zack.
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  1. I don't suppose your Norton ( or some other anti-virus software) recently became unsubscribed?
  2. nope, i dont use that rubbish anyway :P when it started getting bad i used Advanced Systemcare V3 and that freed up 11gb of hard drive space for me, that slightly speeded things up.
  3. Have you cleared your temporary internet folder, defragged your hard drive, and maybe even cracked open your tower to clear the dust out of it?
  4. iv completely defragged, cleared everything, all spyware. I hav'nt opend my tower though, i will give it a try. :)
  5. nope :( that didnt work.
  6. What's your os?
  7. Windows XP Home SP3
  8. run rivattuner or speedfan to check temps (CPU and GPU) whilst gaming and see what the peak temps are, use speedfans graph tab so that you can see what actually happened whilst gaming.
  9. Sometimes, after awhile with a lot of installing and uninstalling, you get stale files left all over the place or parts of the applications get corrupted.

    I usually do a once a year reinstall and that seems to clear things up.

    Have you also done a memory test to see if you have bad memory? You might also want to look at your swapfile (if you have one). Sometimes after awhile, these can get really fragged and that can cause some issues, especially if you're swapping out a lot. Although, with 3 gigs, you shouldn't be doing bad at all, but it's still worth a look.

    When you notice the choppiness of the games, do you see if your hard drive light is flashing a lot? If so, this could be a sign that you are swapping out to the hard drive.

    Have you installed any new software that might have installed services? I would check to see what services you have installed and are running.

    You could also try AMD's Fusion utility. You can set up different settings for it to use based on what performance you want. What you do is run Fusion and choose what performance you want and it goes and starts shutting down all sorts of services. Once it's done, launch your game and see if you see a noticeable improvement. If so, then it's definitely because you have something running and eating up processor cycles and/or memory.

    Once you're done playing your game, be sure to stop Fusion so it will restart all your services again.

    You can get Fusion at

    If this doesn't seem to improve the performance, I would look at backing up your user profile files, game settings/saves and do a clean reinstall of the system.

    Another thing to look at is, do you have system restore turned on? With all the installing/uninstalling, you might have a lot of restore points. I would get rid of them or else, go back to a restore point where you WERE running well, taking note of what you're rolling back to try and determine what might be causing the problem.
  10. Okay, thanks for all the help . :) I will try all of this, and post back my results soon. :D Thanks.
  11. zackzd said:
    Okay, thanks for all the help . :) I will try all of this, and post back my results soon. :D Thanks.

    Hopefully, one of these helps. I would hold off on the clean install as a last resort. Do all the other things first and see where you get with that.

    Good luck!
  12. can you explain 'swappingout' or swap files? sorry im a noob :P
  13. also im using an Nvidia Graphics card, so Fusion wont work :(
  14. first check temps...
  15. ok im just setting up Rivatuner.
  16. i set up rivatuner but im not sure how to display my temps, same with speedfan :( sorry im such a noob.
  17. if this cant be fixed, my dad might buy me an i7 nehalem :D
  18. zackzd said:
    also im using an Nvidia Graphics card, so Fusion wont work :(

    Oops. It's not the nVidia graphics card, it's works only with AMD CPUs. I forgot about that. :o
  19. speedfan, make sure that your gpu temp is being picked up on the first screen. go to the charts tab and pick the drop down that allows you temps and click on the cpu and gpu boxes, this should bring up a rolling graph of cpu and gpu temps. If you now start gaming it'll show you what the temps were whilst you were gaming.

    for riva tuner its a ittle more tricky, but this seems to describe it well you are only monitoring so you can't hurt anything.
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