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The last time I played this game before today was like a half year ago.I backed up my savegames from that time and now when I installed stalker again and patched it to ver 1.5.10(latest)I copied the savegames and screenshots.For some odd reason I seem to be getting very low frame rate with even minimum graphic settings I can set but the last time I played I had about medium settings and the game was rather smooth, Fps was like 50.Note that last time I had patch 1.5.9 and I also formatted my harddrive like 2 weeks ago.Any suggestions on how to fix the problem?
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  1. If the fps is actually 50, then you have no problem. 50 is very good. use a program like fraps to see your actual fps.
  2. What I mean is the FPS was 50 the last time I played it which was 6 months ago.Now I can't get above 20 with any settings I choose.
  3. I would suggest changing from the 1.5.10 version to the "Clear Sky Complete" version. It fixes a lot of video problems from the previous versions. It is considered a mod, so it hasn't been released by Steam yet, but it is available on the net, just look for "Clear Sky Complete", download the update, install it with the provided instructions, and you should be good to go.
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