How much could I sell this for?

idk what the hot deals category is but what ever

in order to earn enough money for my newbuild i need to sell this stupid lap top.
its a HP pavilion g7-1167dx

i bought it for 480$ and it works like new, i just need to wipe out the hard drive ( not the important stuff ofc, and it comes with microsoft word/excel etc...)
thing is theres a crack on the screen just like this

and this is what the laptop looks like new
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  1. With a broken screen chances are you can't sell it for much if at all --- replacing a screen on them is sometimes more expensive than buying a new system (figure the screen is about $100 plus shipping and then labor to change it is another $100 or so - so your looking at paying a couple hundred to fix something that might be worth $300 once repaired ) - figure the only one that may be interested is someone that already has one and needs some other parts and they are not going to pay much ! That's why so many old computers wind up being dumped or donated to Goodwill for a small tax credit for the donation !
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