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I am trying to play steam games online like team fortress 2 and the new ww1 mod, on my acer aspire 5532 laptop upgraded cpu and windows 7 os, and unlike on my previous vista desktop no servers show up and it keep[s saying searching or refreshing for servers with nothing showing up no matter what filters I change or firewall options. It's extremely weird. I tried disabling firewalls for public and private networks and exited ad aware and it still does this at least with tf2. Whats weird is left 4 dead seems to work but not many servers show up like usual. Can anyone help?
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  1. do u have a crack, that might help?
  2. kristjanmn said:
    do u have a crack, that might help?

    Wrong answer. This is NOT a pirating board. Check the rules.

    And for what it's worth, what good is a crack going to do for him when it appears there's a network issue?

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