My online games are busted...?

The problem I have is different than any other one I've had in the past. I play just a few free MMO's here and there, like Ragnarok and Allods Online. Neither are graphical wonders, and my computer has never had a problem with running them until last night. I was playing Allods Online, just created my character, went through all the menus and got to the game. I looked around, moved, jumped, and began talking to my first NPC. Right after that it went very laggy. I thought it just might be the servers, but I couldn't move my mouse, couldn't close the game, couldn't even move my character. I Ctrl+Alt+Delete it to get it to close out. I deleted the game afterwards and thought nothing of it until today when I logged on Ragnarok. Same thing; I logged on my character and then I see little green lines going across the screen. I can't see my character, but the screen moves with him though and everyone else looks okay. There is also no HUD in either game when this happened. I am having no problems anywhere else. And every time I log in this happens. Anyone else ever had this happen? Thanks in advance!
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  1. What are your computer specs?
  2. Compaq Presario sr1703wm

    SPECS: Base processor-- Sempron (P) 3200+ 1.8 GHz

    *1600 MT/s (mega transfers/second)
    *Socket 939

    Chipset-- ATI Radeon Xpress 200 Series

    Motherboard--*Manufacturer: Asus
    *Motherboard Name: A8AE-LE
    *HP/Compaq motherboard name: AmberineM-GL6E

    Memory--1.5GB RAM *Maximum allowed 4 GB* (4 x 1 GB) requires the replacement of the installed 256 MB DIMM
    Speed supported-- PC3200 MB/sec
    Type-- 184 pin, DDR SDRAM
    DIMM slots-- Four
    Open DIMM slots-- Three

    Hard drive--- *80 GB *7200 rpm

    Video Graphics---Integrated with up to 128 MB of allocated video memory

    Expansion slots (available)--- PCI>Three (Two available)
    PCI Express x16>One (One available)
    DIMM Slots> Four (Three available)

    Operating System-- * Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition * Microsoft Service Pack 2
  3. Note that I don't play anything outta the range of this old machine, and Ragnarok has always run smooth as butter, lol.
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