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Hi, I want to sell my PC that I have bought and built throughout the year. I initially bought it pre built and then added and upgraded parts. It can play all games at high graphics at pretty good frames. It's clean and everything is working. Only reason I'm selling is that I want to build a new system and therefore I'll have no use for this one.

Parts List:

GPU- ASUS GeForce GTX 560 TI
CPU- AMD Phenom II X2 Black Edition 3.3GHz
Motherboard- ASUS M4A88T
PSU- 650 SilverStrider
RAM/Memory- 8GB Kingston
Case- Zalman Z9

If interested leave a reply and I can give more information and/or pictures if need be.

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  1. Is memory DDR2, how much? How much for 560ti and phenom ii x2?
  2. darkmagicmge said:
    Is memory DDR2, how much? How much for 560ti and phenom ii x2?

    The RAM was $60, the GPU was around $250+, and the CPU was around $80-$100.
  3. Lowest you will take?
  4. darkmagicmge said:
    Lowest you will take?

    For the entire PC? Or just the parts you mentioned?
    For the PC the lowest I can go is about $900. And for the parts you talked about, probably around $400.
  5. 900? Absolutely not man. Might want to reassess that price.
  6. Hate to tell you, but based off what you listed, you could build that brand new for roughly $500, if you want to part out the pieces, for the gtx 560 ti, i just sold both of mine, I was luckly to get $125 a piece, you might get $50 for the processor, and ram is cheap enough that might get 20-30 for it. So part wise, your looking about 200 for the whole computer might get about 300 for it.
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