Help installing an old game on Windows 7

Hello, I recently obtained a new computer which has Windows 7. I wanted to load an old favorite (Dungeon keeper) onto the computer but windows seems to refuse to run the set up. It prompts me asking if I would like to trust the application and even after I click yes it feigns likes it's starting and thnen just does nothing. I have tried everything including changing the properties to windows 98 and everything and still I get nothing. Anyone have any suggestions?
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  1. may be from Xp using xpmode

    if you don't have enterprise or ultimate or professional version get virtual pc or Vmware & install xp on them
  2. What version of 7 are you running?

    If this game is a 16 bit application, or a 32bit application with a 16 bit installer, You wont be able to install the game or run it without using an emulator to run one of the officailly supported OS.
    Luckily for you this game should run fine under any VM, as its graphics requirements are minimal
  3. Sorry, im being an idiot.
    The above only applies if you are running the x64 version of 7.
    What a prat. I belive if you are running the 32bit version of 7, you should be fine running 16 bit programs
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